Summer dishes


I am not really a recipe person, I mainly use these as an inspiration.. Not like I think I know better, it is just my way of reading a recipe. I read what I need, what I need to do and get going.

I do most of the cooking at home and am sometimes lost for inspiration so I then return to some of my standard meals.. Boring! So I downloaded the BBC Good Food app that gives loads of daily menu suggestions.. First thing I made was the Shrimp with lemon and pea risotto! We thought is was really nice and looks kinda fancy too 😃

What do you guys think?


After work beers @ Cafe Snork


Not expensive

Not fancy

Nice folk

A whole lot of sun in the afternoon


Sounds like Cafe Snork!

Cafe Snork is a great little cafe (bodega?) at Dybbølsgade (Enghave plads).

It has quite a terrace with sun the whole afternoon, the beers are really cheap and the terrace is crowded with locals..

Dybbølsgade is actually getting nicer and nicer, a new coffee place has opened, a wine shop is there now and all the buildings have had a little make-over..

Go out and have a beer to check the place out for your self!

Jazzy CPH


And it if finally here again, the Copenhagen Jazz Festival!

Every year in the summer there is a great 2 week Jazz festival, scattered accross town! From big venues to small dark cafes and dodgy alleys..

I have a warm place in my heart for this festival, two years ago I moved to Copenhagen and lived on Nyhavn for a month.. During the festival I had wonderful music playing at my doorstep.. I immediately fell in love with this lively city!

Check out all who playes where and the places to be